Re: [gardeners] Red Passion Flower

Bargyla Rateaver (
Sat, 20 Oct 2001 20:04:38 +0100

My big nut trees, towering over everything, loaded with nuts,--I should be rich in nuts, but the
birds--mostly crows-- flock to them and the ground is covered with unripe nuts they drop. None ever
has a chance to ripen. A waste of 25 yrs of fertilizing and watering so faithfully.  No one else
around here has nut trees,and very few fruit trees. I get all the troubles.

George Shirley wrote:

> It's mostly the grackles around here, they peck them a couple of times and then drop them. they
> scraped the rind off of several lemons on that tree too, don't know what makes them do that. The
> neighbors feed birds and we've got several full bird baths on this block alone.
> George
> Ron Hay wrote:
> >
> > Hello, George,
> >
> > Ain't it the pits?! In our case, the birds peck at them occasionally,
> > without really bothering the simmons any. The squirrels, however, wait
> > until they are a brilliant orange, almost totally ripe, and then move in
> > for the kill.
> >
> > Last year, when we had plenty, they didn't snarf a one; but this
> > year......
> >
> > We didn't pick them all, just the ripest ones, and will reevaluate the
> > rest of the crop this weekend, in better light than we had after work,
> > yesterday.
> >
> > This morning, I took the morning off, to cope with the flood of passion
> > fruit. I sliced open (no easy feat!) over 200 of them, and scooped out
> > the flesh-laden seeds. That's about all my back can take at this
> > juncture; will give them a whirl in the blender, this evening, and then
> > run the mess through a non-reactive stainless steel sieve, to boil up
> > and can tomorrow night.
> >
> > The other couple of hundred that have fallen, will just have to wait
> > until next week, after our concert performance of Benjamin Britten's
> > "St. Nicholas Cantata," this Sunday, with organ, strings and orchestra.
> >
> > Enjoy your day!
> >
> > Ron


Bargyla Rateaver