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Mon, 22 Oct 2001 13:36:45 -0500

> What is the EPA label on a package of chewing tobacco on your
> grocers shelf?

  Chewing tobacco is a consumable product.  The FDA has jurisdiction over
  The EPA has jurisdiction over pesticides used on consumables or
disposition of byproducts used in the manufacture of consumables.

> What is the EPA label on tobacco dust?

Ask the EPA yourself, Byron.
When I asked, the EPA representative told me that tobacco dust is *required*
to have an EPA label if it's sold as a pesticide.

Or surf through their webpages.  I did...tobacco dust is in pre-RED status,
which means that the EPA is still collecting data from producers as to
whether it should be continued to be an allowed pesticide.  It's a List B
item...pesticides of greater concern based on their potential for human
exposure and other factors.

BONIDE Tobacco Dust and F & B Tobacco Dust are the only registered tobacco
dust products I ingredients:
The labels are available as downloadable pif files.

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