Re: [gardeners] diversity

Bargyla Rateaver (
Mon, 22 Oct 2001 18:30:42 +0100

good thing some people love the snow. After all, God made the snow too!!
softies from the comforrably warm tropics are the ones to groan at cold.
me. wrote:

> << Bargyla, we LOVE the snowy season!  >>
> I have traveled all over the US, and to over 40 countries.  Many I have
> visited dozens of times and I can tell you diversity is to be respected!
> >From the ever hot and humid coastline of India---Kerela to the forever
> coolness of Mongolia people enjoy living.  Yes, some must fight the elements
> more than others, but home is where your family is.  IMHO
> My family sailed from the UK in the late 1600s, lived in Maryland, Virginia
> and then pioneered as some of the first white settlers to the Ohio Valley.
> Our family came to California in 1949, and yes I love it and wouldn't ever
> want to shovel snow, so what?  LOL My family is here and that makes it home.
> We all adjust to our environment and garden and live accordingly.
> Mary-Anne


Bargyla Rateaver