[gardeners] Saturday and Sunday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 05 Nov 2001 18:24:40 -0600

This weekend just past Miz Anne, Sleepy Dawg, and myself worked in the yard and garden both days.
Saturday we cleaned out a lot of dead or dying stuff to clear the way for winter. In addition we
finally got the concrete from two fence posts out of the ground. Whoever installed them 25 years ago
put the contents of a bag of readymix concrete around each one. We had a struggle getting them out
as the posts had rusted completely off so we had no leverage.

Once they were out we set the holes up properly, mixed up one (1) 80 lb bag of quickcrete and poured
it around both posts. I should add that the posts are holding about 18 inches of fence next to the
house and the outer post is where the drive gate latches. Checked them this afternoon and they
aren't quite set yet so I sprinkled them with a little water to continue the curing process.
Probably will take several days as the ground sucks out some of the moisture.

Sunday we continued with what had started Saturday and then put down 61 concrete cylinders that I
had gotten from a friends place of work. Another couple of hundred and we will have the raised beds
we want completed.

I'm still picking ripe chiles of several kinds: New Mexico (very prolific), Longhorns, Long Thais,
Thai Hots, Aji Lemon de Peru (looks the same as a Lemon Drop), Sweet Paprika, Corno di Torno
(Italian frying chile) and a couple of other sweet chiles grown from seed purchased from Pinetree. I
think this is probably the most prolific crop of chiles I've ever grown. We've had the right amounts
of rain and sunshine and now the cooler weather is spurring them on. I've 4 gallons of hot and sweet
red and yellow chiles in the freezer for converting into hot sauce later. I've gotten enough of the
yellows I think I'm going to try and make some yellow hot sauce. I may have to buy a couple of
yellow bells to keep the sauce from being so hot it can't be eaten by normal humans.

Miz Anne and I are both finally feeling good, no sinus infection left, we think. Set up for our
annual flu shots on Wednesday so that chore will be out of the way.

Tonight we had a couple of fish fillets from a fish I caught today, grilled them on the gas grill.
Along with that we had the last of the peas, beans, and okra out of the garden cooked with green
onions, garlic, and a couple of cut up green sweet paprikas. Some broccoli from the spring crop and
a nice salad of lettuce, chiles, carrots, tomatoes (purchased) and some leftover feta cheese. Mmm,
mmm, good.

Life is good.