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Mon, 5 Nov 2001 20:38:05 -0600

That is a no fun job. Me, Hubby and son just got through taking out about a
30 T post fence we didn't need where it was and relocating the still good
     Hubby wound the 4 strands of wire, 18 y.o. and I took off clips and
pulled out the T post with the front end loader of a 4 wheel drive tractor.
  We did real good except when we had to take out the posts to a gate. The
man before us used Telephone poles which are common around here. He sunk
them in 3 feet or more and put a whole bag of concrete around each one.
Tried pulling them up with the front end loader on the big cab tractor and
they wouldn't budge. Had to push from several sides to loosen the soil up
around them. One we could pull out after that the other one split all to
    Now the fence is out the cow herd still wants to walk through where the
gates were. You should have seen them stopping to snort, eye ball and then
back up taking another look at the post that had splintered that we cleaned
up. They always like to stop under one of the pecan trees on their way to
and from getting a drink to rest and poop it up. I always get the best
pecans out of the poop trees!

Okie zone 7a
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> we finally got the concrete from two fence posts out of the ground.
Whoever installed them 25 years ago
> put the contents of a bag of readymix concrete around each one. We had a
struggle getting them out
> as the posts had rusted completely off so we had no leverage.