[gardeners] fig trees

Pennyattach@netscape.net (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 08 Dec 2001 01:45:09 -0500

George and Martha <g>...:  Thank you for forwarding this message to me about the fig trees. I still have not reached Gino to get him to call the nursery where they bought the two young trees in May or June. Hopefully they will know what variety they carried. Also, it is possible that there exists a fig tree tag somewhere in the gardening papers. It might be beyond Gino's ability to locate it, considering that everything he has learned about gardening was crammed down his throat by my daughter Andrea and myself, these past 6 months. He did send me over to the excellent Missouri Botanical when I got there, with hand-drawn diagrams of the many flower beds, and lots of leaf samples from the unknown shrubbery and trees, plus whatever planting tags he had located, and a bunch of photos he had taken -- and wearing my own Master Gardener tag, I found that the local Master Gardeners were very helpful in trying to put things together, and in looking up some unknowns. 

There was a funny incident when I went to pay for Jimmie's and my own lunches in the cafeteria, for the clerk wanted to give me a 10% discount,
and I could not figure out why...  Finally she said it was because I was
an M.G., and I burst out laughing, explaining that I was from the Cornell
Univ, NY., Cooperative Extension -- and she took back the offer...<g>...

Penny, NY

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