[gardeners] Home Again

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 24 Dec 2001 16:47:45 -0600

Miz Anne, Sleepy Dawg, and I went off to Splendora, TX yesterday as planned. Very little traffic
along the way, particularly after we hit Hwy 105 in Beaumont. Got to daughter's house about 4 pm
without being to terribly tired.

Nice dinner done by my lovely daughter and then lots of companionship with she and her family. Arose
to the scent of fresh brewed coffee, a rarity around her house as no one there drinks the stuff. She
had bought a coffee maker with an alarm clock in it and had set it up after I went to bed. Note on
it said "Dad's Coffee Pot" and she had a bag of Community Dark Roast and the coffee was much to my

Walked down her long driveway with Miss Sleepy and picked up the Houston Chronicle and back to read
the paper, drink a couple of cups of coffee and watch the world news. Daughter and Miz Anne finally
crawled out of the sack and daughter made a nice breakfast of bacon, eggs, and French toast which I
had with more coffee. We then settled into getting things ready for 11 am brunch that was planned.
Lawdy! There was sliced honey cured ham, devilled eggs, fruit cake, six kinds of cookies, cheese
balls, boiled shrimp (straight from Louisiana to the pot) with red sauce, several kinds of pickles
and olives, rye bread, three kinds of mustards, fresh veggie spears with a low-fat dip, excellent
quiche brought in by DIL and then the turtle cheesecakes. I'm proud that I didn't overindulge even
if Miz Anne did.

About 2 pm the party broke up and we headed home with two floppies full of digital pictures, 27 35mm
exposures, and a million memories. This is the first holiday my son and his family have spent with
us in 5 years and first ever for his 3 yo and 1 yo children. Lots of laughing, hugging, kissing, and
general merriment, not to mention a ton of presents.

Someday soon we hope to have them all over here for a holiday or just a weekend. I do love my

Life is good.