Re: [gardeners] Holidays

George Shirley (
Sat, 22 Dec 2001 16:38:55 -0600

No freezes expected here. We're much further south than you are. Long range forecast calls for a low
of 35 on Christmas Day and we'll be home then.

I think my daughter does know the lady in question, she talks about the Rose Rustlers there a lot.
Got her mom a rose from someone there a few years ago called "Anne's Red", a nice little self-rooted
rose that blooms a lot.

George wrote:
> I just kneaded up a big 2 - 3 loaf size of Lithuanian Holiday Bread.
> Actually, it was so moist, I probably could have left out some of the
> additional flour and used it as a bundt cake instead. This is
> supposed to be a holiday braid but I don't know how they get it stiff
> enough to braid. I may end up with Lithuanian Raisin Crackers
> instead <G>! (Baking ain't my forte.)
> Need to go repair the back fenceline, 2 fillies have decided to
> ignore the electric fence and graze out with the coyotes. Their
> Moms were getting pretty hysterical before I coaxed them back
> home again.
> George, if you're leaving for an overnighter, be sure to maybe leave
> a water drip somewhere. Dallas temps are calling for mid 20's by
> Sunday evening and not much improvement until past Christmas.
> We put out 3 big round bales to the horses and goats so I won't
> have to power up the tractor again for awhile. My comfrey is still big
> and green, but if it gets much below freezing, that'll be the end of it
> for this season. The bananas just got a whiff of winter and turned
> black.
> Funny, I have friends in Splendora who are spending the holidays
> with family south of San Antonio. Your kids may know her. Darla
> Gips, but the property is her Mother's little acreage. (Gips not the
> last name, but she was a long term member of Tx Rose Rustlers
> and they hold demos and meetings at her place.) Darla is one of
> my horse-riding friends and she has 7 or 8 there now. (Hard on the
> roses!)
> Happy Holidays, martha