[gardeners] Holidays

flylo@txcyber.com (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 22 Dec 2001 13:55:27 -0600

I just kneaded up a big 2 - 3 loaf size of Lithuanian Holiday Bread. 
Actually, it was so moist, I probably could have left out some of the 
additional flour and used it as a bundt cake instead. This is 
supposed to be a holiday braid but I don't know how they get it stiff 
enough to braid. I may end up with Lithuanian Raisin Crackers 
instead <G>! (Baking ain't my forte.)

Need to go repair the back fenceline, 2 fillies have decided to 
ignore the electric fence and graze out with the coyotes. Their 
Moms were getting pretty hysterical before I coaxed them back 
home again. 

George, if you're leaving for an overnighter, be sure to maybe leave 
a water drip somewhere. Dallas temps are calling for mid 20's by 
Sunday evening and not much improvement until past Christmas.

We put out 3 big round bales to the horses and goats so I won't 
have to power up the tractor again for awhile. My comfrey is still big 
and green, but if it gets much below freezing, that'll be the end of it 
for this season. The bananas just got a whiff of winter and turned 

Funny, I have friends in Splendora who are spending the holidays 
with family south of San Antonio. Your kids may know her. Darla 
Gips, but the property is her Mother's little acreage. (Gips not the 
last name, but she was a long term member of Tx Rose Rustlers 
and they hold demos and meetings at her place.) Darla is one of 
my horse-riding friends and she has 7 or 8 there now. (Hard on the 
Happy Holidays, martha