Re: [gardeners] seed starting yet?

penny x stamm (
Thu, 27 Dec 2001 18:33:48 -0500

George, can you believe it..?  We are just 3 months behind you in our
last frost!  What do people in North Dakota do to get something

Cold chamomile tea spritz:  never heard of this. Can you elaborate?

Purple hyacinth bean:  is this a lablab...?  Direct seeding is always 
a disaster for me with these. 

Until this winter, I normally grow cuttings of the last summer's
flowers, rather than veggies - usually because I simply love the
colors.  I water and fertilize over a hundred plants which I keep under
gro-lights the whole winter. I just gave away my entire collection of
hoya carnosa 'shooting star' at the Master Gardener Christmas
party, over 50 of 'em - saving two at home in case I get withdrawal
symptoms. I still have 5 very special geraniums (pelargoniums) with
small, light green leaves that have rusty centers, and a tall, skimpy,
always orange-red flower. I could undoubtedly create perhaps 50
new young plants from these 5, but the maintenance now drives 
me nuts.  I will probably -- or possibly -- do it about St.Patrick's Day,
which should grow them to outdoor size by mid-to-end of May. 

The cold snap snuck up on us this week -- it's hard to jump from
59* (which still felt good) down to 20* last night .....  doesn't stop
old Jimmie from taking his 3 mile bike ride every day.  He's standing
at the window waiting and watching for snow -- he so desperately 
loves to shovel it by the hour!  The family is hoping that it will snow
for his 80th birthday this January, for that would be his favorite

Penny, NY

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