Re: [gardeners] New Year's dinner

Craig Watts (
Wed, 2 Jan 2002 09:28:49 -0500


>>Just stepped away from the groaning board. I sure make good sauerkraut
and it's even better with the

Good to hear from you George and was thinking about the list as I ate my
dinner today.

We had ham, collards w/ cayanne peppers slightly added: drizzeled with
vinigar from the pepper jar.

corce the black eyed peeze!
And some red potatoes that volentierd themselves through the early=>late
dry fall. Dug 'em up today as old man winter has sat his butt on my front
porch for a while. 

Real slow in this list lately, but I know all the major player are still
out there lurking and reading and just busy with life.

Happy New Year to you all.

Would love to share a pic of the 35 lb. Jack Cravelle we caught off of
Hatteras about 3 weeks ago, but I will not do attachments (obvious
reasons). If you'd like to see what we catch off the surf hear in N.C. send
me a request for pic. mailto:


Other than that, we too are dodging the impending storm, me and the boys go
camping Jan. 12 in the N.C. mountains.