[gardeners] New Year's dinner

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 01 Jan 2002 15:09:44 -0600

Just stepped away from the groaning board. I sure make good sauerkraut and it's even better with the
big sausages cooked in with it. The blackeye peas were commercial but I juiced them up with onion
and a small hot chile. The cornbread was my typical "Arkansas" cornbread, (no sugar in it) straight
from the old Betty Crocker cookbook. Dump some blackeyes and pot likker on the cornbread, dish up a
big gob of kraut and sausage and pig out. I was really surprised though, Sleepy Dawg likes kraut. Of
course she may have to sleep away from us for the night but she actually begged for more after I
gave her a tiny bite. I knew she like peas and cornbread but the kraut surprised me as she won't eat
cooked cabbage or pickles and that's all kraut is, pickled cabbage.

I just felt like y'all should know what a typical day one feast is like. <VBG> I'm on a diet again
so we couldn't have the big, greasy pork roast.

George, full and content