Re: [gardeners] snowing in low central & Florida

penny x stamm (
Thu, 3 Jan 2002 00:30:07 -0500

Anne and Martha, Snow in the deep south must be like rain in the 
Sahara -- I'm sure the natives would have trouble dealing with it....

I appreciate just how all of you are having severe problems with 
your plants and your transportation -- gosh!  Atlanta closed its
schools for Thursday, BEFORE the ice forms. What an amazing

Snow shoveling by hand comes right after eating as life's most
cherished desires, for my hubby, Jimmie. He wanted to fly up to
Buffalo, to help them out ....   can't keep a good man down, I

Friends in California have strung Christmas lights on all their 
citrus trees, just to provide warmth where it is below freezing.
No snow there, though... 

Best of luck --

Penny, NY

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