[gardeners] Fwd: SBLD - Canadian Biodiversity

Margaret Lauterbach (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 17 Jan 2002 09:07:38 -0700

>January 17, 2002
>Canadian Biodiversity
>Although this site (in French and English, naturally) was conceived,
>written and posted in Canada, many species are found in the U.S.,
>sometimes occurring as far south as Mexico. There are many pages on
>the site including an introduction, a theory of biodiversity, Canada's
>ecozones (quite complete), patterns of biodiversity, species
>distributions, conservation issues, Canadian legislation, and links &
>references. A great place to start is page 4 of the introduction, a
>complete site map, in which each element of this extensive site is
>mapped and easy to browse. If you are looking for a given plant,
>animal, fungus, or any other group, there will be something here for
>you -- this contains the whole plant kingdom and much more -- quite
>remarkable. Site by Torsten Bernhardt, Redpath Museum of McGill
>University, with support of the Museums Assistance Program of Heritage
>Canada. (****) -S
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