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George Shirley (
Thu, 17 Jan 2002 14:32:48 -0600

No, you're still a member and yes, hasn't been any traffic lately. I guess everyone is hibernating.

I'll start off though by saying I just ordered my spring seeds from Pinetree, about a month late.
We've been deciding what to plant in the spring and just finally got the list. Thank goodness for
the internet though, I ordered the seeds that way.

The Shirley household is on standby at the moment. The rest of our kitchen cabinets should come in
tonight and we should start ripping out the old ones and installing the new ones within the next two
weeks. Consequently we've been cleaning out the old cabinets and have thrown away a ton of things
and have rediscovered another ton of things we had forgotten about.

This weekend I will "plow" the south forty, ie till the raised garden. That garden has been lying
fallow since August and has a nice cover crop of winter rye growing. We will cover the garden about
4 inches deep in finished compost and till the lot under. By mid-March it should be ready for us to
set our seedlings and maybe plant a few things directly in the soil. I'll have the old thermometer
out there to make sure the soil is at least 70F.

What's with you Sherryl?


Sherryl Fawx wrote:
> Has this list been very quiet lately, or is there a problem with my
> subscription?  I tried resubscribing but it says I'm already subscribed.  I
> tried a different request to majordomo and it responded with the message
> "You aren't a member of list 'gardeners'".
> Now I'm really confused.
> Sherryl
> Northern Calif.
> USDA zone 9b