Re: [gardeners] test

penny x stamm (
Fri, 18 Jan 2002 00:26:15 -0500

Hi, Sherryl, my gardening's been indoors with a wistful look
thru the window every morning ...  yesterday it finally warmed 
up just enough for me to grab my hubby and get outside into
the garden so we could put up a 75 ft burlap windbreak to
protect a vulnerable mass planting of rhododendrons and
mountain laurels (kalmia latifolia). We slaved away for two
hours as the clouds took over the sky, and came inside
freezing, and anxious for that warm bowl of soup....

I sat down fully dressed on the basement chair, to change 
out of my work shoes, and rather silently fell sound asleep,
bolt upright in the chair . . .  fortunately, quite some time 
later, Jimmie came looking for me, and I had managed to 
bite my tongue as I slept so hard that I could not eat my 

One never knows, do one...?

Penny, NY

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