[gardeners] Wednesday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 30 Jan 2002 18:59:07 -0600

Hit 81F here today, I noticed it was getting pretty hot in the house so went out and checked the
thermometer. Weather person later reported that that had been the high.

While I was out I checked the little we have growing at this season and noted some broccoli that
needed picking. Not much this year because we really didn't need more and Miz Anne only put in 3 or
4 plants.

Did get a chance to sit out in nice weather, no rain or cold, and watch Miss Sleepy Dawg checking
out her turf and finding all kinds of interesting scents. She started really snuffling out by the
garden and then did one of those Artic Fox things, leaped up in the air and landed with her feet and
nose in the grass. Darned if she didn't come up with a mouse. Brought it to me and we gave it a
decent burial where she can't dig it up in a few days and use it for cologne.

Also got to sit by and listen to my buoy bell, recently hung from a steel shepherds crook. Got it as
a surprise gift from Miz Anne when we ordered seeds from Pinetree. It's a medium sized one and has
the nicest three tone sound when the wind is blowing. Reminds me of the buoy bells I used to hear
coming into Newport Harbor up in Rhode Island back in 1959-60. I guess I'll have wind my 8-day
ship's clock now so I can hear the watch bells being struck.

I'm still soaking the spring starter pots in bleach water, reckon I'll have to get them out and let
them dry tomorrow and then plant a seed or two or three hundred. Somehow I'm just not in the
gardening mood here lately. My practice has grown considerably and I've been working way to much.
Guess I'll have to start taking a day off here and there.

Hope all are preparing for a glorious spring and lots of growing things.

Life is good.