Re: [gardeners] Arctic chill (
Fri, 01 Feb 2002 07:48:33 -0800

Hi, Penny,

It's good to hear from you again. I certainly hope the citrus have
enough stamina to survive 4 consecutive nights of below freezing temps.
According to the LA Times, Van Nuys' official low was 31, but I suspect
our yard is colder, since a portion of it is shielded from the sun by a
block wall on the south and west sides of our property and by
vine-covered chain link fence put up by our neighbors to the east. The
presence 2 blocks away of the massive sound wall paralleling I 405,
which cuts of mitigating southwest breezes doesn't help, either.

I hope the citrus are strong enough to recover. They just look
profoundly stressed, as do most of our other shrubs/trees. Our coral
tree suffered last year from a light frost (must be very sensitive), but
recovered several months later; now our curry tree, cinnamon and tea
trees are looking puny. I certainly hope we get a break from this cold!

Our glass-topped patio table warmed up in the sun sufficiently yesterday
to develop condensation, and this morning, the second morning I have
noticed it, there is frost tracery on the glass.

One result of our cold weather will be a significant shortage in nursery
stock and a spike in prices. This may also be the case for many fruits
and veggies. I understand the San Joaquin Valley was even harder hit:
farmers were out with smudge pots and fans.

In our case, out household fans would have been to small to have been

Time will tell how severe the damage was:(