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I grow veggies mostly.  I like to grow tomatoes, okra, beans, squash,
jalapenos and a few corn plants.  I usually try a plant or two of a new
veggie but so far those are the good producers here.  Pretty soon it'll be
time to plant here.  In another week or two.

When do you plant your summer veggies?


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> Welcome CB, you'll find this list sort of quiet but lots of good folks out
there. What do you grow,
> flowers, veggies? I'm the listowner, George Shirley, and Miz Anne, my DW,
and I grow vegetables,
> flowers, fruit trees, berries, and my favorite, culinary herbs. I'm just
starting to get into
> learning about medicinal herbs.
> Again, welcome to Gardeners.
> George
> wrote:
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> > Hi,
> >    I just wanted to say hello.  I'm new to the group.  I love vegtable
> > gardening.  I live in San Antonio Texas.  Where most of the year is
> >
> > CB