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When we get later into the summer we usually have water restrictions here.
But nothing like your going through.  We rely on an Aquifer.  No one has
ever been able to see how much water the thing holds it's so big.  However,
when it gets to a certain level then we go into water rationing.  Even
during those days we can usually water by hand.  The reason we cut back on
the water at certain levels is that other cities also depend on the Aquifer
further 'down the road'.  When the level here gets to a certain point then
their part of the Aquifer is too low for them.  Also at one point there are
these little lizard things living and the animal protection people don't
want them to die because we drank so water that there area dried up.  Those
people want us to build a water recycle plant and lay off drinking so much
Aquifer water.  The voters have voted that down two times.  Then they wanted
to build it for the businesses to use for water.  It's a real touchy subject

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> CB, don't know if I will be able to keep everything alive without
> the usual plentiful water.
> It must have been 1985 when we had no rain until August 25th,
> my Dad's birthday. I planted the minimum of flowers and veggies
> that summer, and kept them going with my daily walk-arounds
> with 'grey' water -- they had us saving the rinse water from the
> washing machine, and all the wash water from the fresh veggies,
> and anything else which we could gather up, for this hand
> watering.
> The reservoirs which normally feed us went bone dry to the
> bottom. We could see the old houses and churches which had
> been buried under water for so many years -- it was eerie..
> This winter we have had 1/2 an inch of snow -- and it's the
> snow which actually provides our entire area of New England
> and New York with summer water supplies. Contrast that
> with the Winter from Hell, probably 10 years ago, when we
> had 18 snow storms, and whatever did NOT get covered
> with snow died of the cold.
> Unless we want to put an Astrodome over the house, Nature
> is going to win.
> Penny, NY
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