Mantis tillers, was: Re: [gardeners] new to group

George Shirley (
Sat, 23 Feb 2002 18:12:40 -0600

It takes a bit to learn the best way to use it but it does the job. I wear special gloves to combat
the vibration, if I don't my hands go numb for a few days. Got these gel filled anti-vibration
gloves at a safety supply house. Mantis isn't much good for breaking new ground but works well in my
raised bed gardens. Walk it up to the end and then let it dig in and pull back, takes about 20
minutes to till the 17X24 garden.

Little thing cranks up easy though. I get it tuned and cleaned every spring, it's in the shop now
along with the lawn mower. Pump a little gas into, open the choke, pull the cord once, close the
choke and pull again and we're in business.

George wrote:
> How do you like your Mantis tiller?  I have one I've used for a few years
> but we didn't get along so well.  It's probably just me though.
> CB