Re: ESP, was:Re: [gardeners] Bio-feedback

penny x stamm (
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 21:10:17 -0500

George, it's been about 28 years now since my experience
with self-hypnosis ...  Having had my 2nd back surgery and
still had severe pain when sitting down, I took myself to a
pain-psychiatrist so I could survive with my fate. He did
explain that nobody can 'teach' you hypnosis, for the magic
knowledge comes from within the individual and one has to
find it by intuition -- but within a few weeks I was astounding
everyone by changing the temperature of either hand by
18 degrees ...  we had a stainless steel thermometer and
every night it was our custom to seclude ourselves in our
darkroom and make pictures -- this meant that a certain 
proportion of the time I had nothing to do but wait, and 
furthermore, no one could spy on me...  I would concentrate
on HOT clutching the thermometer (in either hand) and think
COLD on the fingers of the other hand -- and it worked. 

The doctor ended up taking me down to Albert Einstein
Hospital Medical School to demonstrate the power of a
person's mind to the students. He didn't ask me to monkey
with my hands -- instead he hooked me up to an audio 
meter of some kind, told me to lie down on a couch, and
to WILL the machine into the least amount of audible
response that I could.  With the young interns all having
very raised eyebrows, I got that machine down to less than
10 decibels of sound.  Man, that was fun!

Penny, NY


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