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George Shirley (
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 20:31:37 -0600

Pre-bypass surgery I could raise and lower my blood pressure by thought and also increase warmth of
hands and feet by a few degrees. Now I can't do any of it but don't know if I just lost faith in my
body or something else has gone wrong. I do know that the human mind can do wondrous things and that
most scientists think that mindpower is bunk. 

I'm a behavorial scientist myself, with degrees in sociology and psychology and have participated in
many double blind ESP tests. I believe in the power of the mind as I said above but sure can't
explain it.


penny x stamm wrote:
> George, it's been about 28 years now since my experience
> with self-hypnosis ...  Having had my 2nd back surgery and
> still had severe pain when sitting down, I took myself to a
> pain-psychiatrist so I could survive with my fate. He did
> explain that nobody can 'teach' you hypnosis, for the magic
> knowledge comes from within the individual and one has to
> find it by intuition -- but within a few weeks I was astounding
> everyone by changing the temperature of either hand by
> 18 degrees ...  we had a stainless steel thermometer and
> every night it was our custom to seclude ourselves in our
> darkroom and make pictures -- this meant that a certain
> proportion of the time I had nothing to do but wait, and
> furthermore, no one could spy on me...  I would concentrate
> on HOT clutching the thermometer (in either hand) and think
> COLD on the fingers of the other hand -- and it worked.
> The doctor ended up taking me down to Albert Einstein
> Hospital Medical School to demonstrate the power of a
> person's mind to the students. He didn't ask me to monkey
> with my hands -- instead he hooked me up to an audio
> meter of some kind, told me to lie down on a couch, and
> to WILL the machine into the least amount of audible
> response that I could.  With the young interns all having
> very raised eyebrows, I got that machine down to less than
> 10 decibels of sound.  Man, that was fun!
> Penny, NY
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