Re: [gardeners] Tuesday not in the garden

Annetta Green (
Wed, 6 Mar 2002 06:51:40 -0500

Tuesday morning we woke up to 40 degree weather.  For our area that is cold.
Usually we plant our spring garden by Feb 1, which I did.  Most of the stuff
is doing fine, but my bush beans are goners, they were frost bit and look
dead, though the stems are still green.  Think they will come back?

George, Stories like yours is why we went with a local contractor for our
kitchen.  They were a couple hundred more than the HD price, but well worth
it.  Our biggest problem was with the plumber, who broke his foot and could
not work for 3 weeks at the tail end of the job - so there was a whole
kitchen, but no water nor drainage.
Anne in FL
zone 9b, sunset 26
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> Got up at 0530 this morning to find a heavy frost on everything.
Thermometer said 22F at 0600,
> running close to 60F right now. Had to run the a/c on the car coming back
from a meeting. Sure wish
> this weather would straighten up. In a normal year I would have planted
the main garden about 02/20
> or even earlier. This year the ground is still way too cold.
> Still don't have a kitchen but do have lots of garage storage now. The
stress of fighting with Home
> Depot is making me go hypoglycemic in the early morning hours. Have been
sitting around meditating
> most of this morning, makes more sense than going postal at Home Depot.
They got a deadline
> yesterday, in writing, certified mail, from my attorney. Either I have a
functional kitchen by
> 03/12/02 or someone's gonna get their butt sued.
> Moral - if you do business with a nationwide chain be sure they have the
new kitchen stuff on site
> before you let them tear out the old kitchen. Live and learn I reckon.
> Still, you gotta admit that life is good.
> George, having to learn to control a bad temper all over again