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George Shirley (
Wed, 06 Mar 2002 09:37:04 -0600

Yeah, in hindsight I should have done the same. Unfortunately HD has done other things for me on a
timely basis and somewhat cheaper than local folks want. I live in a heavily industrialized area
(refineries and chemical plants) and craftsmen here get paid exceedingly well. I would have had to
pay about $2K more for an individual but probably would have ended up with an install that was on
time and with better cabinets. Oh well, maybe in another 30 years. <VBG>


Annetta Green wrote:
> Tuesday morning we woke up to 40 degree weather.  For our area that is cold.
> Usually we plant our spring garden by Feb 1, which I did.  Most of the stuff
> is doing fine, but my bush beans are goners, they were frost bit and look
> dead, though the stems are still green.  Think they will come back?
> George, Stories like yours is why we went with a local contractor for our
> kitchen.  They were a couple hundred more than the HD price, but well worth
> it.  Our biggest problem was with the plumber, who broke his foot and could
> not work for 3 weeks at the tail end of the job - so there was a whole
> kitchen, but no water nor drainage.
> Anne in FL
> zone 9b, sunset 26
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> > Got up at 0530 this morning to find a heavy frost on everything.
> Thermometer said 22F at 0600,
> > running close to 60F right now. Had to run the a/c on the car coming back
> from a meeting. Sure wish
> > this weather would straighten up. In a normal year I would have planted
> the main garden about 02/20
> > or even earlier. This year the ground is still way too cold.
> >
> > Still don't have a kitchen but do have lots of garage storage now. The
> stress of fighting with Home
> > Depot is making me go hypoglycemic in the early morning hours. Have been
> sitting around meditating
> > most of this morning, makes more sense than going postal at Home Depot.
> They got a deadline
> > yesterday, in writing, certified mail, from my attorney. Either I have a
> functional kitchen by
> > 03/12/02 or someone's gonna get their butt sued.
> >
> > Moral - if you do business with a nationwide chain be sure they have the
> new kitchen stuff on site
> > before you let them tear out the old kitchen. Live and learn I reckon.
> >
> > Still, you gotta admit that life is good.
> >
> > George, having to learn to control a bad temper all over again