Re: [gardeners] Tuesday not in the garden

Janni (
Wed, 06 Mar 2002 10:48:59 -0600

I sure hope you get that kitchen done real soon!! We are going to be 
building a house this spring/summer and we will be doing it. Of course it 
helps that we are in the thick of the construction world!! Nice to know 
certain people. Trading out is a good way to go!

Well, from Fri to Mon it was in the single digits for highs. Six inches of 
snow and ice. Yesterday it was 67, everything necessarily melted. And 
wouldn't you know it, my grass wasn't effected AND that plant I still can't 
identify is bigger and greener than ever!! Go figure!! I know what you 
mean, I want to get the big garden in NOW!!!

Linda (my friend) called me yesterday and said: Let's open the resort next 
week!! Sooo I will be out of the slump I have been in (S.A.D.?) all winter. 
Of course, I had to let my body heal, so it was a good thing!


At 01:12 PM 3/5/02 -0600, you wrote:
>Got up at 0530 this morning to find a heavy frost on everything. 
>Thermometer said 22F at 0600,
>running close to 60F right now. Had to run the a/c on the car coming back 
>from a meeting. Sure wish
>this weather would straighten up. In a normal year I would have planted 
>the main garden about 02/20