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Just a quick comment. I've moved to a Pentium III computer and it won't
allow me to choose my own mail client. MS Outlook, Outlook Express or
Hotmail. I refuse to load my addressbook in Outlook. To many viri'.

Anyways, came home from delivering a computer to my son. Cindy was in the
kitchen cooking. Had been on the web looking for a recipe for Steak Diane.
The recipe called for brandy. Course, we didn't have any. So I thought of a
logical substitution. Wow, it was Sooo good.

The substitution????  Jack Daniels.

The recipe????   Jack and Diane!

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Mandatory garden content first: picked enough lettuce, etc. to make a nice
salad for an early dinner
this afternoon. Early because we completely forgot to eat lunch. Breakfast
at 0830 and supper at
1700 (5PM for you civilians). Now on to other things.

The former storeroom/future pantry has been cleaned out and the old pantry
that protruded into it
has been demolished. Scared Miss Sleepy Dawg when I stepped into the kitchen
through the pantry
door. She is now fascinated by the idea of going into the pantry and looking

Tomorrow we will wash the walls and ceiling in the new pantry and do some
spackling in preparation
for painting everything white. The new fluorescent light will be installed
in there tomorrow also.
After the painting is complete I will lay the new vinyl tile floor and then.
Shelving will have to
wait a bit, we are going to put the heavy steel wire stuff in and I have to
take some serious
measurements, you don't want to screw up on that stuff, it's expensive.

The electrician will back tomorrow to continue on the rewire and
installation of some new stuff.
Hopefully we will hear from Home Depot about the final install of our
kitchen. Everything is in the
store and we're ready for it, just have to get the installer free.

I was hoping to till the main garden today but luck was against me. Too many
other irons in the fire
so will do it sometime this week. Still a bit too cold to plant at the
moment anyhow.

Miz Anne, Sleepy Dawg, and myself hope all are enjoying their weekend as
much as we are.

Life is good.