RE: [gardeners] Sunday in the remodeling area (
Sun, 10 Mar 2002 21:54:43 -0500

> Just a quick comment. I've moved to a Pentium III computer and it
> won't allow me to choose my own mail client. MS Outlook, Outlook
> Express or Hotmail. I refuse to load my addressbook in Outlook. To
> many viri'. viruses).

That's strange.  I use Pegasus.  I also have Outlook, O. Express which are 
back-up when Pegasus  goes down and Netscape 4.7 has its own mailer 
which I've never used, but could.

I also have masses of virus protection with an automatic update scheduled, 
and you can set it to cover your mailers.  I have, all of them.  I wouldn't worry 
about the mailers; I do worry about having virus protection up-to-the-minute.  
Not using Outlook will only prevent your machine from sending'll still be getting them unless you're covered, whatever 
your mailer. 

Viruses are a fact of life, and the best protection is Norton Anti-Virus (my 
choice) and not opening any attachments you don't know are coming.  So far 
so good.  I do get sent viruses, 3 last month, but they were detected for me.