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Mon, 11 Mar 2002 07:48:37 -0600

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> George,
> I built this one with Win98SE. I use Netscape at work, 4.72. I do need to
> download mailer, probly do Netscape. Most likely Netscape 4.79 cause of it's
> newer scrip handling. Just been to busy/lazy. Easier to lurk than to fix.
> About viri protection I'm running nakid. I hate the resource sacrifice of
> Norton and yes it can mess up a system. Hate things running in the
> backgound/systray. I play in the newsgroup
> microsoft.public.win98.gen_discussion and see the problems caused by Norton.
> I don't open attachments and reask senders if they intended to send the
> attached. I have my home system and work system and worse case caught the
> notepad virus in the last 4 years.
> FYI- I hate OE as much as AOL. To much kindship in the family (MS) if you
> know what I mean. This intergrated stuff wants to marry and share and a
> cancer can be past in be tween apps. I prefer stand alone solutions.
> Since we're on this subject has all listening used AdAware and Spyblocker?
> If not, test drive AdAware at You'd be amased at the
> stuff living on you're computer.
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> > Just a quick comment. I've moved to a Pentium III computer and it won't
> > allow me to choose my own mail client. MS Outlook, Outlook Express or
> > Hotmail. I refuse to load my addressbook in Outlook. To many viri'.
> > viruses).
> >
> > Anyways, came home from delivering a computer to my son. Cindy was in the
> > kitchen cooking. Had been on the web looking for a recipe for Steak Diane.
> > The recipe called for brandy. Course, we didn't have any. So I thought of
> a
> > logical substitution. Wow, it was Sooo good.
> >
> > The substitution????  Jack Daniels.
> >
> > The recipe????   Jack and Diane!
> >
> I don't use IE or outlook or any of those on my Pentium III. I use Netscape
> Communicator 4.76 with
> great success and my address book moves with me. What is the Operating
> System (OS) on your PIII
> computer?
> George

I've been using Norton Anti-Virus for a number of years with no problems to speak of. Used McAfee
for a while and had a problem with it but reckon CPU architecture can do some strange things with