[gardeners] Monday in the kitchen and garage and attic

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 11 Mar 2002 20:26:08 -0600

Electrician showed up again this morning at about 0730 and set immediately to work with me as a
helper. Found the break in the juice to the greenhouse so now lights and fan and outlets work
perfectly. For gardening content all the stuff in the greenhouse is doing well and the tomatoes have

Best of all I now have 4 outlets above the new workbench in the garage. It's nice to be able to run
the power tools without running an extension cord through the dog door. Sleepy is a lot happier too.
The microwave is now on a separate circuit so we won't have to worry about throwing breakers when we
use the nuker, the coffeepot and the mixer.

Miz Anne and I got the new pantry room scrubbed down, spackled the nail holes from when it was an
outside storeroom, and got all painted but the trim. We will finish the paint job tomorrow and I
will lay the vinyl tile and the electrician will install the new fluorescent light and then we will
be ready to go get the shelving and to move the freezer. Freezer needs defrosting anyway so that
will kill two birds with one thaw out.

Cabinet installer called this afternoon and he will be here bright and early tomorrow with the rest
of the cabinet stuff including the new countertop. Whoosh! Will be nice to get the kitchen back.

Today I installed the vent fan over the stove and piped it up through the ceiling. Don't tell me the
fan has to vent back into the kitchen. Made myself a nice little transition piece, screwed it to the
new fan housing, taped it with furnace tape and started dropping stovepipe down on it. If it quits
raining in the next couple of days I will get up on the roof, cut a hole and install the roof jack
for the vent. New fan has two speeds and two lights, one on each side. Also put the new sink
together in preparation for the countertop install. Got to go get another drain and a new garbage
grinder as I smoke tested the old one today and it was kaput. Electrician and I agreed that the
motor had seized so gotta get a new one.

Didn't get to till the garden today, darned if it didn't rain and start to warm up. Good thing the
electrician is through in the attic as it will be hot in a couple of days.

Been a busy day, we're all tired, had our baths and will go plop down in front of the TV and see
what the rest of the world is doing.

George, sore muscles but happy thoughts, life is indeed good