[gardeners] Sunday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 17 Mar 2002 10:23:13 -0600

Had the leisure time to stroll about the Shirley Swankienda this morning and LO!, it be spring. The
azaleas are in full bloom, the white bearded iris are making a splendid display and all the fruit
trees are blooming.

Bees by the thousand are working over the mayhaw, pluot, and peach trees so we may get a crop this
year. More bees this morning than I have seen in several years total. We must have a new wild hive
nearby. As the old oaks get hollow the neighbors cut them down to keep them from falling on their
houses and the bees have to move, hopefully nearer to our gardens.

We worked in the kitchen until 8 pm yesterday, getting the sink and icemaker hooked up and working
and, with only minor drips to be corrected. Today I will lay the vinyl tile in the new pantry and
then go to HD for the wire shelving. Also will empty the freezer, defrost it, and then move it from
the utility room to the pantry.

Had four of the old kitchen cabinets left and put them by the curb late yesterday. A couple from
down the street stopped and asked if they could have them for a grandson who needed some. Shucks, we
helped them load them, kept me from having to call city waste to send the "special" truck to get
them. Big sale on carpet at the HD here, may go make arrangements to have new carpet laid in the
bedrooms and the hallway connecting them. Finally convinced Miz Anne that we don't want to go hard
floor everywhere. It really helped that the allergist told her she didn't have allergies, just a
several year standing sinus infection. She goes on the 25th to see the top ENT doc in the area.

Gotta go, the boss lady is standing here cracking the whip. I just get all tingly when she does
that. <BSEG>

Life is good.