[gardeners] Friday

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 15 Mar 2002 19:26:18 -0600

Kitchen cabinets are complete, the sink is in but not plumbed yet (need some parts). Garage is
partially cleared out as is the pile of junk in back of the house, rest will go as each garbage day
comes by.  Old storeroom has been gutted, painted (two coats exterior latex white (makes it
washable)), and measured for shelving. Now it's a pantry. 

The electrical changes have been made and everything works very good. Got new heater/fan/light in
the guest bathroom, light in Miz Anne's closet, and new lights in the garage (4) and pantry (1).
Circuits have been split so kitchen now has 3 circuits for 6 outlets and garage has its own circuit
as does the greenhouse. Hurrah!

Tomorrow we take about 400 bux worth of cabinets stuff back that wasn't needed and then buy the
shelving we need. Also looking at laminates for kitchen and den, Home Depot has some with 15 year
warranty on for $1.99 a square foot.

Tired, full of Popeye's fish and shrimp, ready for a bath and relaxation.