Re: [gardeners] Re: Monday in the kitchen and garage and attic (
Wed, 13 Mar 2002 01:27:14 -0500

Ranchmama, my computer was scratch built by a store out on Long Island.
It was very interesting -- our cousin took us to a Computer Fair down in
New Jersey a few years ago, and we followed him around as he queried 
a bunch of eager beavers in their booths as to the price of what we
In the end, we deliberately chose a vendor whose home office was in
Flushing, Long Island, because that's where we drive to when we want some
Chinese Dim Sum for lunch --- it's even better than Chinatown. We figured
that if the new computer ever needed servicing, we could kill 2 birds
one stone -- like, let's say maybe 2 Peking Ducks...?

OK, these people assembled my computer in 20 minutes from all the
critical hardware they had waiting, and we took it home in the car. Never
had a problem with it - but when we wanted to upgrade, we did drive over
to Long Island, and had a ball...!

The current problem  is that the acrylic bracket which holds the Start
on the computer has fractured, can't imagine how. Jimmie took it all
today, and we moaned and groaned but we did carry the whole thing out to
the front door. That's when Jim decided to attempt to glue that bracket
back together -- the missing parts were inside the computer, hiding.... 
it seems to have worked! It's all fixed and put together, and I'm in

No, I do not have the plant data on my computer, altho I do have a
called Garden Plant Selector which I haven't used. The evergreens have 
been more-or-less stable for 15 years, and the 8 flower beds of annuals
vary every summer according to my color whims and what's available. 

Indoors I have flowers under lights, hoya carnosa Shooting Star
plus twelve fancy-leaf geraniums someone clued me to get from Shady Hill
Gardens in Illinois, in February.  This week they all BURST into bloom
were a knockout -- altho they are not known for their flowers, only their
leaves, they do have tall, dainty clusters and I have been learning how
use a borrowed digital camera to capture the scene. In fact, since we 
cannot send an attachment on this board, if anyone wants to see what
these lovelies look like, just send me your e-mail address. 

Penny, NY


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