Re: [gardeners] Marigolds

George Shirley (
Sun, 17 Mar 2002 17:19:11 -0600

We've grown them in our gardens for years, mixed in with the veggies. Never had a problem with
rabbits or nematodes so don't know if it was the marigolds or we just didn't have the pests. Haven't
noticed ours attracting spider mites nor slugs either. They do make a nice splash of color in an
otherwise monotone veggie garden and the grandchildren like to pick the flowers. Sleepy Dawg thinks
they smell almost good enough to roll in.


> Larry Newton wrote:
> Ok, people.  I've read enough conflicting information about marigolds, I thought I would post my
> question here: are there truly benefits to planting marigolds other than suppression of
> nematodes?  I know it is a myth that the odor will ward off other pests (rabbits, etc.).  I also
> know they tend to attract spider mites and slugs. . . but are there true benefits?
> Thanks in advance
> Larry
> Joliet, IL
> Region 5