Re: [gardeners] OT: Kitchen remodel (
Sat, 30 Mar 2002 19:12:23 -0500

Now George, you don't really have an 11 room house, do you?

Our icemaker is giving us fits. First of all, it has a mean habit of
flinging the ice right across the freezer, so that no matter what we pick
inevitably some ice drops to the floor. 

Secondly, every day one or another chip of ice jams in the mechanism, 
stopping the bar from dropping and the ice making from proceeding. I
have to go swat the chip with the heavy end of a big knife, to release

Are icemakers universal, or must one match brands when reordering?

Funny thing, for my birthday 2 of my kids searched everywhere for some 
stemmed beer glasses with German labels, to replace what had been
destroyed here. Andrea could not find anything appropriate in Chicago,
but Roger hit the internet and came up with 8 Pilsner glasses with
flowers on 'em, and 3 different standards with labels. Luckily he was
driving down (350 miles) so he could bring them along from Rochester...

Returning home with 6 jars of Kung Pao (Chinese) hot sauce in her
carry-on, Security made Andy open up everything she had with her, 
because they could not understand why she would burden herself with
all that glass stuff -- then they made her take off her shoes, as well
That's better than her January trip home, when they made her open
the sealed bottle of water she was carrying and taste it in front of
to make sure it was not some lethal concoction which she could
spray over the passengers. 

Progress is our most important product.



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