Re: [gardeners] Gardening/food/George

George Shirley (
Tue, 02 Apr 2002 08:18:49 -0600

I do eat sweets, and frequently, I just don't eat any other carbs when I do. Pasta doesn't raise my
BG's either, in moderation, potatoes and rice in moderation don't either. I pigged out yesterday and
ate some pan fried potatoes, brisket, green beans, cole slaw, and then had a creme de menthe pear I
had put up last year, actually half a pear. Those pears are in a light sugar syrup. checked my BG
before bedtime to determine insulin dose and it was barely 200. I thought sure it would be sky high.
Took 30 units of 70/30 insulin, slept like a baby with no bathroom trips in the night, and woke up
at 0500 feeling good. Go figure.


Rosemary Carlson wrote:
> George: I would love it if my blood glucose jumped to 140 after meals. Mine
> used to go much higher -- but with the miracle drug, Starlix, no more. If I
> ate peanut butter on crackers...well....I wouldn't even test my blood sugar
> as it would be so high I'd worry! I'm doing the same as you -- figuring our
> what raises my B.S. and what doesn't. Interesting, really. Pasta does not
> raise it - potatoes and bread do. My Dr also says that most things, in
> moderation, are fine though I dare not eat sweets. The current thinking is
> that a carb is a carb and diabetics should be able to eat sweets sometimes.
> Ha! I've discovered that, actually, a good diet for a diabetic is a good
> diet for everyone. Having to think about every bite, however, is a
> pain...but that's diabetes!
> Rosemary