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George: I would love it if my blood glucose jumped to 140 after meals. Mine
used to go much higher -- but with the miracle drug, Starlix, no more. If I
ate peanut butter on crackers...well....I wouldn't even test my blood sugar
as it would be so high I'd worry! I'm doing the same as you -- figuring our
what raises my B.S. and what doesn't. Interesting, really. Pasta does not
raise it - potatoes and bread do. My Dr also says that most things, in
moderation, are fine though I dare not eat sweets. The current thinking is
that a carb is a carb and diabetics should be able to eat sweets sometimes.
Ha! I've discovered that, actually, a good diet for a diabetic is a good
diet for everyone. Having to think about every bite, however, is a
pain...but that's diabetes!


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May be true for people who exercise as the carbs will give them extra
energy. I love PB&J sammiches
but only allow myself one a month. I like honey and peanut butter on
crackers but don't eat it
anymore. I do try to watch my intake of carbs but every once in awhile I
have to have a small bit of
baked potato or some rice. My GP says in moderation and counted into the
diet it shouldn't hurt. It
sure tastes good though, I like meat but also like veggies. I'm slowly
figuring out what raises my
blood sugar and what doesn't. Sometimes I eat everything right, take my
meds, exercise moderately
and the blood glucose still jumps up over 140. Go figure.

George wrote:
> >>>>>>>>
> What, pray tell, is the Mediterranean diet? I'm diabetic too
> and I just sorta watch my carb intake.   George <<<<<<<<
> Oh, George, you would have been hysterical (like me)
> listening to a sports dietician on the telly on Sunday .....
> she was advocating that people who are about to exercise
> should stop worrying about protein, and concentrate on
> healthy carbs.  Peanut butter & jelly on crackers, that's
> what she said...
> Penny
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