Re: [gardeners] yellow pear

Jeanne L. (
Sun, 07 Apr 2002 20:51:24 -0700

At 12:14 PM 4/7/02, you wrote:
>Yes I dried them myself.  The hard part was slicing all those little 
>tomatoes into halves, it got tedious... but I'd do it again, it's worth 
>it.  It took about 4 days, as I recall.  I dont remember the name of my 
>dehydrator, its back in Pittsburgh still, but its got 4 round stacking 
>trays about 18" diameter and a heat source at the bottom.  The heat is not 
>very even bottom to top, so I rotated the trays each day.  I want to try 
>drying other veggies at some point.

It took 4 days to dry a batch, not to slice them!  LOL