Re: [gardeners] Crape myrtles

Billie (
Sat, 13 Apr 2002 19:14:09 -0400

on 4/13/02 6:57 PM, Dorsett at wrote:

> Are they all the same variety?  Is there any suckering or growth near the
> base of the plant?  Maybe your plants are supposed to grow straight up,
> looking like trees...and maybe you won't want to prune them after all
> because they're growing just right for the location...or maybe a light
> shaping will be enough, and you can enjoy those plants as they are.

Yes, they do all seem to be the tall, straight variety, with anywhere from
2-5 main "trunks" - they are quite lovely, but different from many of the
crape myrtles around these parts, which are also large trees but very much
more rounded. And it seems to me the rounder ones bloom more - ours seem to
bloom most at the top third of the tree, while the big round ones around
here bloom all over.

It may be the variety. I suppose I could do a minor pruning next year and
see what happens. These are also fairly young trees, so it could be that
they start to look more like the ones I've seen as they get older.

Thanks for the info.

I have to say that tons of stuff in our yard is blooming and leafing out and
looking great. We just finished the cleaning part of the annual goldfish
pond extravaganza. Now it's getting the fish and bullfrogs and tadpoles
safely back in before dark!

I'm hoping all the leopard frogs are ensconced in the rocks around the pond
- there were none in the water! And they're my favorites. In the summer if
you walk out to the pond you hear a symphony of squeaks and splashes as they
sing out and then jump in...:)