Re: [gardeners] Bullfrogs& Tadpoles..

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>> Now it's getting the fish and bullfrogs and tadpoles
>> safely back in before dark!
> do the bullfrogs eat the fish in your pond?
> I notided I had a school of young fish  back about a month ago, now I have
> tons  of frog eggs and todpoles and do not see any small fish. So I am
> wondering if the grogs made  of with the fish?
> Marie (upstate S.C.)

Not that I've noticed. There are several different kinds of fish of varying
sizes - goldfish, some very pretty silver fish, and some dark minnow-y like
fish. All have multiplied and flourished right along with the bullfrogs.

The biggest problem we have had (and only this year) is the great blue heron
(admittedly gorgeous and a sight to behold) who came and pretty much cleaned
out the goldfish...:(  We were quite fond of the goldfish, most of whom were
either in the pond when we bought the house or were babies of those original

Sadly, this seems to be a bad year all round - we found a lot of fish dead
this morning even though we did the same things we always do when we clean
the pond. I've had my good cry and am now going (very late, as you can see)
to fix coffee. I spent the morning out wandering the yard/garden in my pj's,
reassuring myself that most everything else living out there is doing great.

Now all I have to do is keep an eye on Chase (the Welsh Corgi) who went and
dug up all the dead fish and ate them. :0 Fortunately he wouldn't let his
sister Kyra near them, so I only have one Corgi to watch.