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> At 08:13 AM 4/15/02, you wrote:
> >  the hardware needed to create the framework for my
> >Oregon Beans which I sowed against the fence a couple of weeks ago.
> What are Oregon Beans?

A friend gave me 10 beans, he called them Oregon Beans and said that they
are outstanding.  His grew to 9 feet last year.  So we made a similar set-up
as his, for support.  I don't know much more about it.

 I've got a couple of Russian peppers this year:
> Chervena Chuiski and Rotundra.   I'd love to hear how your Russian tomato
> is like.  Your garden sounds wonderful!

This will be the second year since I've gone completely organic!  I've never
seen better results,  I am looking forward to gardening this year.  And will
certainly let the list know how it goes!