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Jeanne L. (
Wed, 17 Apr 2002 09:18:22 -0700

At 08:37 AM 4/17/02, you wrote:
>I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel after my back 
>surgery 5 months ago!!!!  This is a good thing as I really hate just 
>pointing for my hubby, Dr. Dirt.  LOL  He commutes weekly to Chicago from 
>SF Bay Area so his time is quite limited in the garden, and I can't seem 
>to train the dawg to help.  However, she does pick and eat ripe tomatoes.

Mary-Anne, such good news about your recovery from back surgery!

In S. Calif I've been harvesting delicious lettuce, which is especially 
nice given the sky-high prices at the grocery stores.  Snow peas are just 
starting to bloom.  I'm hoping to get a bite of one tomorrow, because 
Friday I'm leaving for 3 weeks.  I'm going to miss my garden!  In addition 
to the snow peas I've got some kentucky wonder pole beans - the ones the 
pillbugs somehow missed when they were young.  I've got more seeds planted 
and hopefully some will survive of that batch - otherwise I'll end up with 
6 bean plants!  I've got 14 varieties of tomato planted out, of which 11 (I 
think) are heirloom varieties.  I've also got some interesting varieties of 
warm to hot chili peppers, some new-to-me sweet peppers like Marconi, and 
some generic bell peppers.  I've been harvesting swiss chard and arugula 
regularly - did you know that those two greens cooked together make a 
delectable combination!  There's been a bit more broccoli from my three 
little plants, but I can't say that its been a success - I'm sure that's 
because they didnt get into the ground until relatively late in the 
season.  But I'll take what I can get, it's tender and sweet and tasty!

I've got turnips that just started popping up.  And herbs:  basil, 
cilantro, chives, rosemary, thyme and parsley, so far.  Oh and dill!  Still 
waiting for the dill and the cilantro to come up.

Oh and Mary-Anne, as to the dawg - at least she helps in whatever way she 
can!  LOL

Happy Gardening!