Re: [gardeners] spring walks

Billie (
Thu, 25 Apr 2002 21:34:37 -0400

Speaking of gorgeous roses, I need to report that the climbing
raspberry-colored roses I planted 3 years ago have finally realized my
initial vision. On that side of our house there is one lone window near the
back, and it looked so lonely - I planted the roses beneath it 3 years ago.
Last year I found a reasonably priced arching trellis tall enough to go up
over the top of the window and we bolted it to the house to make it really
stable. The roses right now are climbing right up over the top and there
must be over a hundred roses on there! There's a lantana bed just in front
of the roses and they're a lighter pink with yellow, so when it all is in
bloom later this summer, it will be even more stunning. Every time I drive
up in the driveway I just sit there and gaze at it.

It's also gorgeous from my son's room, inside.