Re: [gardeners] spring walks

George Shirley (
Thu, 25 Apr 2002 20:54:15 -0500

Ahh, I remember my bedroom as a boy. Had three windows as the house was U shaped and my bedroom was
one leg of the U. Beneath two of them my Mom had planted Confederate Jasmine and the smell at night
was really pleasant. Under the other window she kept a night blooming cereus and the blooms fairly
glowed in the night. Several years after we built the house and planted the flowers we had a hard
freeze and they all froze back to nothing and never came back. Then azaleas were planted along the
west walls of the house (my room had a west wall) but no more sweet smells or glow in the dark

I think you are giving your son lifelong memories with the rose there. The flowers I remember were
planted in 1950 and gone before I left home at 17 yo and have never forgotten those flowers.


Billie wrote:
> Speaking of gorgeous roses, I need to report that the climbing
> raspberry-colored roses I planted 3 years ago have finally realized my
> initial vision. On that side of our house there is one lone window near the
> back, and it looked so lonely - I planted the roses beneath it 3 years ago.
> Last year I found a reasonably priced arching trellis tall enough to go up
> over the top of the window and we bolted it to the house to make it really
> stable. The roses right now are climbing right up over the top and there
> must be over a hundred roses on there! There's a lantana bed just in front
> of the roses and they're a lighter pink with yellow, so when it all is in
> bloom later this summer, it will be even more stunning. Every time I drive
> up in the driveway I just sit there and gaze at it.
> It's also gorgeous from my son's room, inside.
> billie