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Thu, 25 Apr 2002 23:58:05 -0400

Sherryl, sounds like a walk in Paradise!  I've seen the egrets nesting in
trees, and they were totally quiet as we slipped by in a little boat --
seemed to watch us just as much as we watched them....  I'm glad you had
the thrill of seeing them.

Being an Easterner, I have to ask:  what's a Western redbud?  We've just
come from St.Louis, MO, where the redbuds, a few pink dogwoods, and a
few brilliant azaleas were blooming, and last week the tulips which were
planted everywhere were all open. There must be one redbud for every
house in St.Louis! 

Here just north of Manhattan, I have wonderful color coming in: last week
daffodils, two big weeping cherry trees, and some small-leafed blue PJM
rhodies. This week red azaleas, redbud, pink dogwoods, small-leafed
royal blue Starry Night rhodies, and early bright red rhodies with no
Next week will be white azaleas and also pink, and the beginnings of the
bloom for mountain laurel (kalmia latifolia), Vulcan and Sappho rhodies,
macrantha azaleas (coral, big flowered), and my wild looking rhodie
called Consolini's Windmill. 

Last week, for the very first time in 59 years of marriage (can anybody
possibly count that high...?) we hired someone to mow the lawn. The
spirit is willing, but the backs are getting weak. It hurts to surrender,
I will admit. I think we'll have to learn to pull two old beach chairs
a dilapidated milk case out into the big driveway, add some mint
julips and a bit of cheese and crackers, and enjoy all the sounds -- the
crickets, the birds, the leaf blowers, the highway commuter traffic, 
the big 737s flying in and out of the three local airports, and maybe
just a few buzzing mosquitoes -- all the familiar sounds of suburbia.  
wish we had a few egrets...

Penny, NY


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