Re: [gardeners] spring walks

Billie (
Fri, 26 Apr 2002 21:30:37 -0400

on 4/25/02 9:54 PM, George Shirley at wrote:

> Ahh, I remember my bedroom as a boy. Had three windows as the house was U
> shaped and my bedroom was
> one leg of the U. Beneath two of them my Mom had planted Confederate Jasmine
> and the smell at night
> was really pleasant. Under the other window she kept a night blooming cereus
> and the blooms fairly
> glowed in the night. Several years after we built the house and planted the
> flowers we had a hard
> freeze and they all froze back to nothing and never came back. Then azaleas
> were planted along the
> west walls of the house (my room had a west wall) but no more sweet smells or
> glow in the dark
> blooms.
> I think you are giving your son lifelong memories with the rose there. The
> flowers I remember were
> planted in 1950 and gone before I left home at 17 yo and have never forgotten
> those flowers.
> George

Your boyhood windows sound lovely. Dylan likes to open his and stick his
head out and smell the roses! Of course, my daughter's window is on the
front of the house under an oak tree with some azaleas - she's been asking
for roses too - so I pointed out that the peace roses I've planted by the
gated arch coming into our front sidewalk will be *hers* - they're babies,
though, and several years from being visible from her window. I was thinking
about putting some window boxes on the front 3 windows to appease her until