Re: [gardeners] Re: lantanas (
Sat, 27 Apr 2002 00:25:48 -0400

Billie, what zone are you in?

I saw tall lantanas used as a hedge, in Lima, Peru -- they were

Even as I cut back my own hedge of tall dahlias late last fall, I
questioned whether or not their large hollow stem stubs wouldn't
capture water during the winter, and rot the tubers. Same idea.  I
cannot tell as yet, way too early for zone 6.  Last year 4 of them 
came back, out of 8.  We are not supposed to leave them in the ground,
but in their micro-climate up against the house on the ESE side, lots
of things survive. For instance, absolutely dozens of gladioli are
already up about 3-4 inches.  And we had zero snow cover this winter! 
Other years, even with multiple snow storms and subsequent extra-
wet and compact soil, they have also survived. Nature is capricious.

Penny, NY


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