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Billie (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 26 Apr 2002 21:22:26 -0400

on 4/25/02 8:11 PM, pennyx1@juno.com at pennyx1@juno.com wrote:

> Billie, I've always put a lantana in a hanging basket at the back
> door, but it never occurred to me to make a bed out of them!  I
> shall have to give this some thought -- and I thank you for broadening
> my horizons!  
> My one rose climber is in the ground only a year. I guess I shall have
> to wait for bloom. Sharing the same trellis, however, are two clematis,
> and the roses will be yellow, so eventually, it should be beautiful.
> Penny, NY

You should try it - mine are wonderful - perennial, very little maintenance,
4 ft. tall by summer's end, bloom most of the summer, and very hardy in hot,
dry summers. I even love the stalks when they die out in the winter - I
don't cut them 'til early spring. I read someplace recently that you
shouldn't cut them until then b/c the water gets into the holes and rots the
roots! I had no idea that what I thought was my own procrastination was
actually good for the plants. :)