Re: [gardeners] Sunday in the garden

olin (
Mon, 6 May 2002 09:58:39 -0700

I was interested in the comments about artichokes and macadamias.  We
started picking artichokes about 4 weeks back.  Still have a few small
buds that I don't expect to get very large because it is getting a bit
warm - mid 90s every day and the plants are wilting.

I have been thinking about trying macadamias for a few years now.  A few
people in the AZ chapter of the "California Rare Fruit Growers" tell me
the macadamias can be grown here (Phoenix AZ area) but can't tell me who
or where.  Also whether only the tees grow but don't bear nuts.  I would
be interested in any opinions on this.  We are in Sunset zone 13 and are
also starting to pick ripe tomatoes.


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> It's a cloudy, overcast and coolish morning in Van Nuys. The
> are ready for the picking, with a few really huge ones still on the
> stalk: about 2# apiece! On Saturday, we picked two that were slightly
> smaller than these monsters, which weighed in at 1.25# and 1.5 #,
> respectively. Often veggies that grow large are not tender; not so
> these chokes, which had leaves almost 2" across at the base and hearts
> 4" across. The stalk was even more tender than the heart. Amazing!
> Tomatoes and eggplants are growing apace, nicely spaced apart, this
> year; but, lo and behold, a crop of yellow pears and the children of
> Sweet Millions are cropping up by the carload, along with epazote and
> stray squash seed or two which the compost did not digest.