Re: [gardeners] Re: Sunday in the garden

George Shirley (
Wed, 08 May 2002 08:55:17 -0500

She went off to take a final in a silk screening class last night. Came home with a stuffy nose but
is fine this morning. She is working a half day this afternoon so reckon she's okay.

I made some nice chicken stirfry last night with spring peas, peppers, onion, water chestnut,
carrots, etc. I think she's eating the leftovers for breakfast this morning. Yeah, she must be doing

This old girl has "mothered" me through back surgery, two heart attacks, coronary bypass surgery and
three angioplasties. I'll do whatever it takes for her too.

George wrote:
> George, I'm glad that Miz Anne is feeling a bit better. The  fact that
> you are
> actually "mothering" her may be part of the formula. Always works around
> here!
> Penny, NY
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